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Abel HR & Creative Marketing Alliance Celebrate Anniversaries Helping Others

Companies Collect Food to Support Isles’ Youth Program

CRANBURY & PRINCETON JUNCTION N.J. –Aug. 11, 2017—Abel HR, a full-service human resources company in Cranbury, and Creative Marketing Alliance, a strategic marketing and integrated communications company in Princeton Junction, collected food for donation to support Isles Youth Institute (IYI).

Christian Amato, COO of Creative Marketing Alliance; Marty Johnson, president of Isles; Shenette Gray, Isles Youth Institute Director; and Jim Bell Sr., president of Abel HR, with some of the food the two companies donated to the students at Isles Youth Institute in Trenton.

IYI engages out-of-school youth that seek to take control of their own lives and improve their communities. Participants in the Trenton-based program attain a high school equivalency diploma, job training and life skills, which they use to solve challenges in their own neighborhoods. The IYI mission of “self-reliance through education” is furthered by opportunities for leadership development, financial and health education, service learning and pathways to higher education.

“As human resource professionals, our goal is to ensure our employees’ success, which is exactly what Isles is doing with the youth in their program,” said Jim Bell Sr., president and founder of Abel HR, whose outsourced human resources company serves small-to medium-sized businesses with Fortune 500 benefits and services. “I am in awe of what Marty Johnson (Isles’ president) is doing to foster the growth of the next generation of employees and my entire team is excited to give back to this wonderful program as part of our 25th anniversary celebration.”

“As we celebrate CMA’s 30th year, we are excited to give back to the community that has made us so successful,” said Jeffrey Barnhart,  president and CEO of CMA, who was recently recognized with Rider University’s Leadership Legacy Award and MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Outstanding Small Business of the Year award. “It is an honor to help this program at Isles and Marty who has been tirelessly working to make the world a better place.”

Isles is seeking food donations to support the IYI students working on their education.

Since IYI was launched in 1994, more than 1,000 at-risk youth have benefitted from Johnson’s vision of self-reliance through education. Nearly 100 young people go through the program annually.

“The IYI pantry enables our students – some of whom are homeless, or parents of young kids – to stay on their pathway to self-reliance by focusing on their educational and career goals,” said Marty Johnson, president and founder of Isles. “Back in 1994, Isles was rehabilitating old, vacant single family homes scattered across Trenton and as we redeveloped homes, another challenge and opportunity arose: young people kept knocking on the door of our job sites, asking for work. Isles would hire and train the young people and found that even if they had solid construction skills, they often lacked a high school diploma. As a result, Isles developed the Isles Youth Institute (IYI) to blend the academic, vocational, and life skills that many young people need and want to succeed. As they learn, they redevelop homes and parks in their communities, multiplying IYI benefits. Thank you to CMA and Abel HR for your generous donations.”

To learn more about Abel HR, visit their new website, abelhr.com.

To learn more about CMA, visit their website, CMAresults.com.


About Abel HR

Abel HR helps entrepreneurs grow their business by safeguarding and servicing their employees, a company’s lifeblood. For nearly 25 years, Abel HR has transformed the burden of administration into a tool that allows business owners to efficiently align mission with resources. Abel HR’s services allow entrepreneurs to focus on their business, as human resource professionals spend more time recruiting, hiring and managing talent. The family-owned company provides employment and human resources services that includes payroll administration, employee benefits and risk management, which encompasses Workers’ Compensation, Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) and compliance with various safety regulations. Abel HR’s “personal touch”—dependable, attentive service combined with a friendly, familiar face—is its signature. For more information, entrepreneurs can visit AbelHR.com or contact Abel HR at info@AbelHR.com or (800) 400-1968.


About Creative Marketing Alliance

Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA) is a full-service, award-winning strategic marketing and integrated communications firm that builds reputation, relationships and return on investment.  It creates and manages results-driven marketing programs using MarketectureTM, a strategic analysis that helps clients understand how their company can best be positioned in the marketplace.  For 30 years, CMA has provided innovative solutions, which include public relations, social media marketing, and publications along with an in-house studio for digital and creative design.  If you’re expecting results, please visit CMAresults.com, call 800.852.4269 or email us at info@cmasolutions.com.


About Isles

Founded in 1981, Isles, Inc. is a community development and environmental organization in Trenton, New Jersey. With a mission to foster self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities, Isles designs and develops effective services that support this mission and share what they learn with others who can make a difference. Beyond its central New Jersey base, Isles works to influence policy and practices that support healthy, self-help agendas. For more information, visit www.isles.org.


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