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Abel HR Silver Anniversary Recognized by NAPEO

Organization Honors Human Resources Company for 25 Years of Industry-Leading Service

CRANBURY, N.J. –Sept. 14, 2017—Abel HR, a full-service human resources company in Cranbury, N.J., was recently recognized by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) for its 25th anniversary.

Pat Cleary, president and CEO, National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (far right), presents an award to Jim Bell Sr. president and CEO of Abel HR, (center) for 25 years of service to the industry. Jim Bell III, executive vice president of Abel HR, is pictured on far left.

“We congratulate and commend Abel HR for its 25 years of excellence in the professional employer organization industry, and we wish them continued success and longevity in the coming years,” said Pat Cleary, NAPEO president and CEO. “Abel has been a long and loyal member of NAPEO, and their active involvement in our association has helped the professional employer organization (PEO) industry grow and thrive. We are very thankful for the contributions of both Jim Bell, Sr. and his son.”

Businesses that use a PEO like Abel HR see increased revenues and profitability, according to a September 2017 NAPEO whitepaper “PEO’s: Good for Small Businesses and Their Employees” by McBassi & Company. PEO users expect 40 percent more revenue growth than non-PEO users and 16 percent were more likely to report an increase in profitability, up to twice that of comparable non-PEO firms. The study also found that employees at PEO client firms view the business as taking the right steps to succeed, grow and innovate with higher levels of employee engagement and retention.

“When I started Abel HR 25 years ago, I never imagined that I would be where I am today” said Jim Bell Sr., president and founder of Abel HR, whose outsourced human resources company serves small to medium-sized businesses with Fortune 500 benefits and service. “Twenty five years ago the industry was in its infancy and we often needed to explain what we actually did to help businesses protect their greatest asset—their people—and grow.”

As an accountant, Bell had extensive experience in payroll, benefits, workers comp and taxes after prominent roles in the finance and human resource departments at several large companies, including health care giant Johnson & Johnson. “I knew all the nuts and bolts that went into the industry,” he said. “One day I came home with a box of stuff after quitting and told my wife we were going into the HR business.”

Bell applied the experience he gained working for large, national companies and leveraged it to open his own firm, A Better Employee Leasing Company—now known as Abel HR—March 26, 1992 with one employee to do payroll.

Serving his clients by offering big company benefits with the personal service of a small firm, the young company broke even in 18 months and continued a steady pattern of growth that continues to this day. With industry-leading benefits and service nationwide, the company now employs more than 40 people, serves clients in 44 states and recently rebranded along with creating a new website, AbelHR.com.

“I worked to provide Fortune 500 benefits to companies with fewer than 50 employees at a reasonable cost,” said Bell. “We use economies of scale to our advantage, the more businesses we work with, the more benefits we can offer everyone.”

Bell is most proud of becoming a national company, but, what excites him the most is that his granddaughter is interested in the business. “She has worked part-time in payroll, filing, reception and the phones, and has the respect of everyone here for her ability to learn,” Bell said. “She understands she needs the respect of the people around her, which is something that I could never teach her.”


About Abel HR

Abel HR helps entrepreneurs grow their business by safeguarding and servicing their employees, a company’s lifeblood. For nearly 25 years, Abel HR has transformed the burden of administration into a tool that allows business owners to efficiently align mission with resources. Abel HR’s services allow entrepreneurs to focus on their business, as human resource professionals spend more time recruiting, hiring and managing talent. The family-owned company provides employment and human resources services that includes payroll administration, employee benefits and risk management, which encompasses Workers’ Compensation, Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) and compliance with various safety regulations. Abel HR’s dependable and attentive service combined with a friendly, familiar face, is its signature. For more information, entrepreneurs can visit AbelHR.com or contact Abel HR at info@AbelHR.com or (800) 400-1968.

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