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Finding the Right Charity to Donate In Four Steps

Helping a charity can be a gratifying means of giving back to the community or assisting someone in need. With many charities to choose from that support different people and various conditions, finding the right charity can be a daunting task at first. As a donor, you have to look for reputable organizations to ensure […]

Benefits Working Parents are looking for in 2022

While no one has been untouched by the pandemic, working parents have been among the hardest hit. As members of the ‘sandwich generation’, meaning people in their early thirties to late forties who often find themselves in the unique situation of caring for both their young children and their aging parents; the loss of childcare and […]

Note-Taking Within a Meeting

In the workplace, note-taking within a meeting is a skill that will elevate the quality of your performance. In fact, having a polished system of taking notes can take you from a newbie to a proficient worker in the eyes of your peers. But first, what kinds of notes are you expected to take at […]

How to Set Up Your Office for Productivity

When employee productivity is at an all-time high, expect a significant revenue boost in your company. Employee productivity is what every employer aims to achieve to ensure that customers are happy and the organization is up to speed. Unfortunately, some people don’t know how impactful a work environment is for productivity. So if you’re wondering […]

How To Be Admirable

Earning respect as a manager is the essential element to reaching the top. But there are plenty of employees handling managerial positions who have difficulty earning respect from their subordinates and colleagues. You may be admired, feared at times – but if you are held in high regard by your colleagues, you will accelerate your […]

Ways to learn at home

We all know that studying at home is not easy. Especially if you have distractions on every corner. Although it’s hard, studying at home is still an achievable task. Besides, the majority are still prioritizing remote work and online schools. Here are some tips so you can learn at home smoothly.  1. Designate a Study […]

How to Coach Your Employees

Coaching your employees is a factor why employees stay at the company longer. Entrepreneurs and managers might take this lightly, but coaching has a significant effect on the employees. A study involving participants from a Fortune 500 company showed that 77 percent of the respondents claimed that coaching had a massive impact on their productivity […]

2022 Pop-up Problem: Manager Burnout

As we’ve weathered the pandemic, we’re heard just about every statistic on employee burnout. We’ve talked about the staggering rates, about how it’s leading to the Great Resignation, and we’ve even provided lots of advice that you can hand down to your managers to recognize the signs of burnout. Including ways to intervene appropriately, and […]

How to Negotiate a Pay Raise

A company has several ways of recognizing the work of its employees. For employees, negotiating for a higher salary is one of the most crucial skills they need in their careers. This skill requires professionalism and self-assurance in your value to your company.  Ahead, we will explain the steps you can follow to negotiate a […]

Servant Leadership Defined

When people think of a leader, they instantly picture a person who calls the shots and commands everyone else to follow. However, to be a good leader, one must be a good follower, hence the importance of servant leadership. What is it, and how does one apply it at work and in one’s personal life? […]