Office Dress Code Reminders

Depending on the work that you do, you may have a specific office dress code that you need your employees to follow. However, it’s not uncommon for team members to slip from the attire standards over time.

Here are a few ways to remind everyone about the office dress code.

Create Policy Reminder Scripts

Sometimes, it’s all about clarity. To make sure you’re not misinterpreted, it’s best to prepare a reminder script that you can use whenever needed. Doing so will ensure that you’re consistent with the guidelines. 

If you’re launching a new office dress code, you may also want to include these factors in your  reminder script:

  • Religious exceptions
  • Safety concerns
  • Dress code enforcement

Another gray area is employee development in a hybrid setting. If you have a certain dress code for online meetings, you must create a reminder script as well. Then, you can send the script with the virtual meeting link. 

Send an Email

It’s vital to remind your employees about the dress code. They must clearly understand why some clothing styles aren’t acceptable in the office. That said, if you see someone violate the dress, it’s best to nip it in the bud and send them an email reminder.

Addressing the breach may be challenging, yet it can prevent further violations in the future. An employee committing the same mistake is an issue, for sure. But often, some team members are just confused about the attire terms.

Quickly point out the exact dress code violations and include ways to solve them. However, look out for exceptions to these offenses, which include:

  • Disability
  • Gender disparities
  • Gender identity and accommodations
  • Health and safety issues
  • Appearance and race
  • Religious expression

Companies can get sued if they don’t follow through with the said exceptions.

Display the Dress Code Within the Workplace

One way to reiterate the dress code is to display it in the workplace or use it in the firm’s visual assets. For instance, the photos on your employee manual must show photos of team members wearing the right attire. 

It also helps to be specific with what’s allowed and not allowed. For example, instead of saying smart casual, which can be vague, you can state that flip-flops, sleeveless tops, and shorts are not allowed.   

Also, top management should be the first ones to follow the attire and serve as a good role model to everyone else.

Emphasize the Importance of Office Dress Code

For people to follow the dress code, it’s best that they know its importance. Let them know that the office attire is a way to make them appear sharp and match your company’s mission.

In addition to that, let them know that the dress code is meant to boost productivity.  That said, if you want to implement a uniform rule for employees, make sure that it fits the type of work that they do. Also, it will be a nice touch if it shows the brand identity, such as the company logo.

The office attire will also help workers stay focused on their obligations. After all, the same study says employees feel off-duty once they change into a casual dress. This survey suggests that they will focus on their job while wearing a uniform.

One way to make the dress code more palatable to everyone is to ask for their input first before you implement the dress code scheme. This would make them feel that they had a hand in choosing what they wear. If done right, a dress code can make your employees feel a sense of closeness and create an air that they’re all a part of one pack.