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3 New Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

A salesperson’s job includes a rigorous process to close deals. We know it takes time and effort to build rapport with clients. However, the closing deal rate is only 25% compared to the 100% effort your team puts into a prospect. It’s inevitable that your team will lose motivation along the way. If you want […]

When Should Employers Consider Lifting Mask Mandates

In a move that caught even health care professionals off guard, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last week announced lifting the mask mandate for vaccinated individuals. In its guidance, the federal agency noted that if you have been fully vaccinated, “you can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic.” But before you get excited […]

Rethinking Benefits Packages For Remote Workers

One of the biggest changes to emerge from the pandemic is that we’ve all become rather tech-savvy remote workers. In fact, many businesses have found that these long-distance workers are so adept at working from their couches that they’re rethinking whether they need to bring folks back to their cubicles at all.  According to a Pew report, […]

How You Can Ensure Password Protection

A new study by a security specialist, NordPass, suggests that human resources folks are one of the worst culprits for weak passwords. While secure passwords are important across the board for folks at all levels of your company, the news that HR is totally predictable with their password protection is a dream for hackers and a […]

How To Navigate Employee Rewards

Recognition and employee rewards are key to increasing engagement in the office. Not only that, but this can motivate your employees to become more productive and efficient. Thanking someone, whether verbal or written, would go a long way, but what other tangible or thoughtful rewards can you give to employees? Plus, how do you start […]

How To Navigate a Non-Linear Reporting Structure

Although it is not ideal, a Gallup survey suggests that 84 percent of US employees report to multiple managers. In past years, most businesses followed a hierarchal structure, whereby employees report to one person, who reports to the next in line, and so on up to the CEO. However, companies today operate in a more […]

How To Develop Your Generation Z Talent

While some dismiss generational cohorts as being too generalized, the reality is, at least if you speak to any HR rep, there are certain personality traits that accompany these various groups. Moreover, these personality traits, which can show up in everything from the company that an employee chooses to join to their preferences for managerial […]

Can Your Commute Be Compensated?

When the pandemic hit, many folks traded in long commutes for short walks to the couch where they could knock out a good day’s work in their sweats. As life begins to return to normal and more folks start playing planes, trains and automobiles to get into the office, we wanted to take a look […]

How To Craft An Elevator Pitch

Unless you are in sales, you might think that there is no need for you to know how to craft the perfect “elevator speech,” which is defined as a short period of time where you pitch an idea, concept, or even showcase your own skills! The idea is for the speech to be no longer than the […]

What Are Employee Benefits?

Many employees would cite benefits as their reason for staying at work. The benefits vary, but employees agree they want better health insurance, work flexibility, and more leaves at work. What benefits should you consider when hiring? Plus, know what employee benefits should you have in place as required by the law. Required Benefits Employees […]