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Employee Growth, Opportunity Encouraged by Reskilling

Sometimes the right person for the job is right under your nose. However, it’s the rare occasion when an individual has all the training and skills necessary for said job. In fact, just about every move, whether a promotion or lateral, will require at least some degree of training or upskilling.

The benefits of hiring from within are multi-fold. First, hiring an outside employee is generally more expensive than hiring from within AND you still must provide extensive training on how they need to carry out their job function, even if they come in with the basic skills that you need. Studies show that an external hire has a much higher risk of leaving the company after only one year, meaning that you’ll hardly have a chance to get a return on your investment. When you hire from within, you already know that your candidate is a good cultural fit and their decision to seek new opportunities within the company suggests that they are also committed to going the distance. Further, they’ve already proved that they could master the skills required for their initial job and are therefore likely to be able to build on these skills in their new role.

While you might think the task of upskilling is solely a job for your company – after all, who knows your work processes better than you do? You might be surprised to learn that a PEO can help in myriad ways when it comes to preparing your employees for growth opportunities.

Ready with a recommendation:
When you partner with a PEO like Abel HR, we learn about your employees and about the way that you do business. We will happily review your employee’s resumes and current job-based skills and compare it to the job description which we can also write for you and provide a list of recommendations for existing employees that just might fit the bill for the new role. While we are partners with you in your business, we aren’t physically on-site, so our “outside” perspective can help you see people right under your nose that you may have overlooked.

Screen the scene:
One of the reasons that employers hesitate to hire from within is that if you don’t choose that individual to fill the role, things can quickly become awkward. Again, a PEO can step in as a partner, but an outsider and conduct a screening of any employee interested in the position. Based on agreed upon criteria, we’ll only send along the candidates most likely to fit the bill to you for a final interview and decision, saving you not only time, but a lot of awkward or uncomfortable moments in the office!

Train them up:
Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to upskill your chosen one! We can help with not just the skill-based training but can also roll out a number of other trainings to match their higher position in the company. If they are expected to manage employees, we can provide training from how to be a leader, covering everything on how to oversee a team to information they will need to know on various federal and state corporate laws they will be required to uphold. In short, we can help you transform your worker into not only someone who can carry out the responsibilities of their role, but someone who can truly be a team player and a corporate mover and shaker!

Make your metrics:
One of the most important yet often overlooked aspect of a training program is how to determine success. Sure, you could say that your training has been successful if your employee can complete a new skill – such as fill a particular role in a factory operating line but for most businesses, measures of success are more nuanced. Again, a PEO can help by developing said performance metrics for the employee’s current role, as well as what needs to happen for them to continue to advance up the career ladder.

Interested in learning more about how a PEO can help with your internal hiring and upskilling needs? Give us a call today at 609.860.0400 to talk with one of our team leaders about your options. 

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