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Get on the Path to Success with PEO

We talk a lot about the piecemeal things that a PEO can do for your company on this blog. Need to write a new employee handbook? We’ve got folks just waiting to get typing! Want to know what to do in the wake of an employee injury? We’ll send out our team! Want to pick the best benefits at a bargain basement price? We’d be thrilled to do the negotiating for you.

But can we make your company more successful? Can we boost your bottom line, or even help you break into a market that you’ve been trying to crack since the dawn of time? Well, study after study suggests that yes, we can! According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) – which oversees the PEO world and of which we are a member, “small businesses that use PEOs grow 7 to 9 percent faster, have 10 to 14 percent lower employee turnover, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business.”

Read on to learn how we can help in some subtle and not so subtle ways to ensure your growth and success:

How we boost your sales:
While we can’t hold your hand while you’re making sales, we can help in myriad ways behind the scenes. First, we can train your managers to better support their sales staff. We can teach them how to motivate their teams to achieve results and keep morale and momentum high. Next, we can streamline your processes, making it easier for you to figure out how to best organize your team’s time to boost sales.

How we cut costs:
While we don’t play a direct role in making you money, we sure are involved when it comes to cutting costs! We can save you thousands of dollars on your benefits offerings by leveraging our collective purchasing power – made up of our pool of clients – to get you deals that you could never get if you went it alone on the open market. We’ll also do the same for your worker’s comp fees and other labor-related coverage requirements that can so quickly eat away at your bottom line. A second significant way that we cut costs is automating your HR process – from payroll to taxes to vacation time and everything in between.

How we lower your turnover:
Regardless of the industry you are in, losing an employee is a costly endeavor. Whenever you make a new hire, you invest a great deal of time, money and effort to get them up to speed with your business and cross your fingers that your efforts have given them the tools they need to be successful. However, if they leave shortly thereafter – either because of dissatisfaction with their performance or even the company – you are out of that money, plus the cost of finding their replacement. PEOs can help by creating job postings on platforms such as indeed to find you the best candidates for interviewing. We will boost retention by ensuring that you have the right tools, benefits, perks, training and career pathway planning to keep your workers happy, which results in increased productivity and decreased turnover.

How we provide security:
We’re not talking security in the physical sense, rather in a financial sense. When you have the pros reviewing new state and federal laws, keeping apprised of new reporting requirements and even minute shifts in filling out forms, you are far more likely to stay in compliance. When you comply, you are far less likely to find yourself on the receiving end of a hefty and costly lawsuit. And if you do find yourself running afoul of anything, we have a team that will hold your hand to figure out the best, most efficient path forward to correct the misstep.

How we boost efficiency:
This is probably where our clients feel our presence the most. In short, we get you up to speed with our best in class HR system, we automate your payroll, we take charge of your benefits (after getting you the best price), and we then figure out what other tasks you need us to handle. Safety checks, staff training, compliance reviews, employee reviews and promotions, and even helping you to find key new talent – we are here to help where you need us most, giving you the time to focus on what matters most; building the company that you always dreamed of.

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