How to Hire an Employee

Your employees are the best and most indispensable assets in your business. And you must take care of your employees, especially the A-players. But how can you snatch the crème de la crème in the workforce industry? It’s simple. Follow these helpful steps on how to hire an employee who will boost your business revenue and reputation. 

1. Create a job post

One of the first few places applicants look at is online job marketplaces. Because everyone seems to be shifting to remote work nowadays, job hunters want their slice of the pie. Applicants look at the most extensive online job marketplaces such as:

On the other hand, you shouldn’t take job post creation lightly as this will make or break the type of employees you hire. Create a thorough and professional job post that includes every detail applicants would be interested to know. These details must include:

  • Title/designation
  • Salary
  • Job responsibilities
  • Work hours
  • Work location/remote work
  • Traits and characteristics
  • Required experience
  • Contact information details
  • Instructions on how to apply

2. Have applicants perform a test

Whether you’re hiring a graphic designer or marketing assistant, putting the applicant’s skill to the test is essential. Once they submit their resume, initiate the first email invitation for the test. 

If you’re hiring a designer, let them create a particular design with specific instructions. If you’re hiring a marketing head, you can let them make a marketing plan for a specific project. Be concise with the instructions and see if they’re meticulous to detail. 

3. Grade test

Before you let applicants undergo a test, make sure that you clarify if the test is paid or not. Some applicants might not be too comfortable with unpaid tests. Who knows, the applicant might have had a bad experience from previous recruiters scamming applicants of unpaid tests to get free samples they can use down the road. 

Once you’ve cleared the air, let them know that you’re grading the test. Give them a list of requirements that guides them during the test. This way, they’ll learn how to approach it. Moreover, grading tests makes it easier for recruiters to turn down applicants if they’re not perfect for the organization. 

4. Schedule a formal interview

Sometimes an applicant may have all the right skills for the job but not have the appropriate personality that contributes to an excellent work dynamic in your company. Once the applicant passes the test, schedule a formal interview immediately or whenever it’s convenient for both. Remember, you might not be the only employer the applicant is dealing with. So if you feel they’re suitable for the job, try to seal the deal ASAP. 

5. Ask questions

If you want to know how to hire an employee who best fits your organization, ask questions. It’s the only way to assess whether the applicant is truthful to what they say or if their characteristics are what you’re looking for. 

Ask about their former jobs and what they love about them. You can also ask about their strengths and weaknesses or the most challenging project they’ve tackled. Better yet, you can even break the ice by asking which celebrities or leaders they look up to and why. Their answers will tell you a lot about them. 

6. Perform secondary test for confirmation

Hold your horses if you’re prepping work contracts after step number five. Finding the right employee should take a lot of scrutinies and a secondary test for confirmation. Let them undergo another test to gauge their skill, and this time, you can make it slightly challenging. 


These ways on how to hire an employee will undeniably let recruiters find A-players. Once you employ go-getters and high-performers, foster their skills for career advancement. Remember, high-flyers are always looking for growth, so make sure you give them that if they truly deserve it.