How to nail an interview

Interview jitters can be the worst – there’s an intense pressure to make a good impression within a limited amount of time. The result? Most people fumble and botch their chances. But not you! With these job interview tips, you can overcome any questions and nail an interview like it’s no big deal.

Recruiters often conduct interviews to see how your skills and credentials match your character. Because of this, your answers have to display the depth of your capabilities. Interview questions and answers are crucial in making good hires, so you have to learn how to navigate difficult interview questions like a pro. 

Prepare for anything

As the saying goes, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” A well-prepared interviewee can easily nail an interview even with no experience. The good thing is, interview questions usually follow a series of templates that can be found online. You can easily Google interview questions and plan your own personal brand.

How to nail an interview on Zoom

Zoom interviews are all the rage these days. Nail an interview on Zoom by coming in at least five minutes early. Check your connection and keep your background neat. Make sure to wear something presentable as well. Be professional, but also try to build rapport by making the energy comfortable and light. 

How to nail an interview on the phone

A phone interview will likely be briefer and ask straightforward questions regarding your skills. Because your face isn’t being shown, the tone of voice and type of words you are using will matter a lot. Speak in a calm and controlled manner to make sure you are not rushing your words. Keep a notepad and pen ready in case they will reveal pertinent information regarding the job.

Prepare your cover letter and resume

Before even getting admitted for a job interview, some recruiters will ask for a cover letter and resume.  Make sure to read up on the job descriptions specified by the company and use keywords that make you noticeable for them. Tailor your resume to the company’s interest to make sure you don’t get shelved.

Understand the company

When you’re applying for a job, you aren’t just applying for a responsibility that helps make you earn a living. You have to be proactive in learning the company’s values and goals. That way, you can best market yourself and your skills so you can contribute well to the company. You’ll also impress your recruiter by knowing the ins and outs of the company.

Ask questions 

The thing with interviews is that recruiters aren’t just evaluating you – you also evaluate them. A bad experience in a company can set you back months in your career. To nail an interview, ask some questions that will leave a strong impression. Here are some sample questions you might want to know about the company.

  • How do you treat your employees when they make mistakes?
  • At work, how often do employees get called for overtime?
  • In terms of skills, what do you want to see the most from me?
  • What is the daily SOP (standard operating procedures)?
  • What is the next step to getting hired by the company?

Send a thank you letter

Finally, send a thank you letter to your recruiters to thank them for their time and consideration. It’s a show of courtesy that will make you memorable in their eyes. The good thing is that interview thank you email templates are plentiful online.

Remember, the only thing that you are going up against is yourself. Once you’ve got these tips and tricks down, it’s more than enough for you to nail an interview.