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HR Made Easy: Why Small Businesses Choose Abel HR

Human resources can be all-consuming. Between payroll, benefits management, compliance and safety, all the details can be overwhelming for one person. That’s where support from a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like Abel HR comes in.

Like a true friend, Abel HR helps small business leaders grow their companies by safeguarding their clients’ employees and taking the headaches out of HR for clients.

With Abel HR, clients can focus on what they do best and run their businesses without worrying about HR, while Abel’s qualified HR professionals manage the administrative functions for them.

Abel HR’s team of professionals lift the burden of HR to allow your businesses in-house professional to do what they do best—align mission and resources to help the company strategically grow.

Help your small business offer big business perks
As a small business owner, you have a lot to consider when selecting your health insurance and benefit offerings—will the plan be affordable for you and your employees while meeting their needs? By partnering with a PEO, you benefit from the shared purchasing power that allows us to offer many benefit plans at a manageable cost, which allow you to meet their needs while protecting their financial future with quality coverage.

Abel HR’s wide range of benefits includes those aren’t traditionally made available to smaller companies such as access to a credit union, discount movie and theme park tickets, pet insurance and so much more.

Diverse range of benefits
We don’t just process payroll and benefits. We are a company that can do it all: payroll, benefits, compliance, safety, retirement planning, and so much more. Need help finding the perfect candidate for a position? Call us. Need help with employee training? We do that too. Not sure if you are up to today’s safety standards? We have a safety manager who comes to you to assess your workplace. It’s all under one roof, headed up by experts in their field who are available to assist you should the need ever arise.

Strive to make you thrive
Our goal is to see your company flourish by taking care of the little, but seriously important, tasks to allow you to focus on improving and growing your business. These tasks include tackling compliance paperwork, pre-employment screenings, dealing with worker’s compensation claims and so much more. If you are struggling, reach out and we’ll do our best to see where we can lend a hand.

Eye on safety
Few PEOs offer a safety program that is quite as comprehensive as ours because we believe in the power of a safe work environment. Not only is it good for business – because we’ve all heard of companies going bankrupt on account of one safety slip up – but it’s also important for giving your employees the reassurance that someone is looking out for their health and well-being on the job. Our safety manager can asses your place for OSHA compliance, fire safety and ergonomics to ensure your employees are as safe as possible.

Manage your managers
When you’re a small business, training your employees can all too often fall to the bottom of the to-do list. We administer state-mandated training programs and/or provide developmental education to help you train your managers on topics that matter most to your company and industry overall. From communication skills to conflict resolution to performance reviews, we can train your team to elevate their skill level. The best part? We’ll even come on-site to you to ensure the best results.

Open communication
When you sign on the dotted line with some HR outsourcing companies, you might only hear from them when there is an issue. However, at Abel HR, we appreciate the fact that you’ve trusted us with extremely important aspects of your business and we think it’s only fair that we be as transparent as possible about keeping you up to date with how we’re getting on. Therefore, you’ll hear from us on a monthly basi s to confirm that your payroll tax withholdings are up to date, as well as periodically whenever a relevant certification or other event occurs that is essential to your business operations. We may even call just to say hello.

Industry leadership
For nearly three decades, Abel HR has transformed the burden of HR administration into a tool that allows business owners to efficiently align mission with resources. As industry leaders, our focus has always been on offering a comprehensive PEO program with all the services and benefits that matter most to our clients. We have found a formula that works and we’re experts at rolling it out, no matter the business type or circumstances.

Big benefits, small business service
Have an issue you need help with, call us. You won’t ever hit a phone tree with endless number punching to try and get a human being. Instead, you’ll be connected to a real, live person—who is likely to know your name—and will be happy to connect you with the Abel HR team member who is best qualified to address your concern. Like a true friend, we are here to listen and help. We’re a family-owned business and once your onboard, we’ll treat you as one of the family too!

Learn more about how to eliminate your human resource headaches with one decision.

Why small businesses choose Abel HR



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