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In the News: Do your employees feel safe in the workplace?

Lately it seems that whenever you turn on the news, there’s a story on another shooting in a public place – a school, a movie theater, a mall, an office. With all of this coverage, you could – and should – question whether your business could be vulnerable to such an attack.

Although a violent attack in an office space is certainly – and thankfully – a very rare event, a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 48 percent of employees say that “feeling safe” affects their job satisfaction. However, the good news is that 78 percent of workers say they’re “generally satisfied” with their level of personal safety in their current workplace.

Still, every business could benefit from taking a look at their security measures and address vulnerabilities if necessary. We share the following tips and tricks for creating a safe work environment:

1) First, consider surveying people about your facility’s security measures and what kinds of improvements they might want to see.

2) Encourage employees to report and log all incidents and threats of workplace violence. Even a suggestion of violence could be a sign of a big problem down the road.

3) Secure the workplace. Where appropriate to the business, install video surveillance, extra lighting, and alarm systems and minimize access by outsiders through identification badges, electronic keys, and guards if needed.

4) Teach employees how to recognize, avoid, or diffuse potentially violent situations by attending personal safety training programs or hosting in-house training sessions with a professional well-versed in avoiding workplace violence and other acts.

What types of steps has your office taken to protect workers? Let us know in the comments.

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