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In the News: Four Tips to Retain Young Talent

You put a lot of effort into woo-ing that young, new flashy executive to your company. Now it’s time to figure out how to keep that “millennial” employee on your pay roll.

Below please find four top tips from Jeff Fromm, an expert in the activities and preferences of millennials, on how to cultivate a more successful, committed and engaged millennial employee:

Keep it Transparent:
According to Fromm, company’s led by executives that share their thinking about the company’s future, provide a clear view of future priorities and openly admit their mistakes tend to be favored by millennials. At the heart of it, it appeals to this age-groups desire to be “in the loop,” as well as their desire to work for “real” people.

Balancing Act:
Every company likes to think that they offer a work-life balance, but few truly do. Fromm notes that millennials appreciate the extra effort to walk-the-walk when it comes to creating a healthy environment, be it offering healthy menu options in the corporate cafeteria, offering employee-led exercise classes, or other activities designed to make the day more fun.

Well Rounded:
Rather than always focus on the bottom line, Fromm says millennials appreciate a more well-rounded business experience. Popular brands and businesses among this age group encourage their employees to give back to causes that matter most to them – and to do so on company time. You can employ these strategies by offering paid time off to those who volunteer their time to a worthy cause.

Disruption for Function:
There’s nothing a millennial hates more than a stale brand and an even more stale work environment. With that in mind, it is up to your company to upset the apple cart a bit – be willing to try new ideas, develop alternative products, or even incorporate new strategies for doing the same job. While you don’t have to employ each one, a millennial employee will feel valued if their idea is at least considered.

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