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In the News: How to foster a culture of wellness in your workplace

A recent survey by Keas suggested that employees believe that a culture of wellness in the workplace could make them more productive.

With that in mind, Keas offered four top tips to help foster a healthy work environment:

Get out: Something as simple as encouraging employees to hold a meeting outside or taking a walking break can get employees motivated to make a meaningful lifestyle change.

Up the ante: In order to encourage participation in a wellness program, you need to make learning about the offerings a fun, social event employees will want to take part in. This will encourage all employees to feel comfortable and enthusiastic about making small, but meaningful, lifestyle changes.

Create a culture: It is important for employees to know that their employer has their best interests at heart and that the necessary tools and support are available to them when they are ready.

Make like a model: It is extremely important for senior leadership to model the key values and behaviors they expect the team to emulate. According to Keas, your employees will associate healthy activities as a key to climbing the corporate ladder, making for a much more motivated work force.

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