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In the News: Nearly two-thirds of job seekers check employers social media

We have talked periodically about how businesses handle social media – generally focusing on how HR managers can leverage such sites to screen potential candidates – but it turns out that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (to name a few) is a valuable tool for job seekers checking out a potential employer.

According to CareerBuilder’s 2013 Candidate Behavior Study, 62 percent of job seekers check out employers on social media. Candidates do the bulk of their screening before even applying to a company and are typically using the tools to determine if a company is who they say they are.

The results of this study reinforce the idea that companies need to focus on leveraging social media to not only build but reinforce their brand. To do this, employers should:
•Create or maintain an active Facebook page
•Establish a presence on Twitter (even if it is just retweeting interesting information pertinent to your industry or client base)
•Build a profile on LinkedIn (it’s simpler than it sounds).

In taking some – or even better, all – of these steps, you can boost the number of methods in which a potential candidate can learn about your business, as well as increase the volume of information available to potential clients regarding your services, offerings and interests.

In the comments below, please tell us about how you use social media to boost your business.

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