In the News: Survey reveals how employees REALLY feel about open enrollment

To celebrate the kick-off of open enrollment seasons, VSP Vision recently released a report detailing exactly how employees feel about the process. And turns out that despite all the time HR spends trying to make the information palatable to workers, their efforts are certainly not appreciated.

According to the survey, 33 percent of employees cited “annoyance” or “dread” as their primary emotions when they thought about open enrollment and just 10 percent of workers said they were “confident” in the benefits choices they made when the enrollment process was over.

However, Employers and employees were on the same page about which were the most important benefits, with medical ranking as number one, followed by dental and vision. Further, it turns out that some of the info on their coverage plans is sinking in, with 83 percent reporting that they knew who their health care provider was, 71 percent indicating that they knew what their co-pays were and 62 percent stating that they knew whether they had the option for new eye glasses.

In addition, the survey revealed that open enrollment is becoming less of a “seasonal” activity and more a year-round benefit communication process. While this may be tiresome for HR employees who have to constantly answer question about the company’s benefit offerings, it does mean that they no longer have to cram the information in during only one window per year.

How do you prepare your employees for open enrollment? Is it a seasonal event in your company or something that you tackle year round?