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In the News: Three “no-no’s” to avoid in your job postings

Have you ever listed a job vacancy only to receive not even a single inquiry on your ad? If you have, perhaps you have missed the mark in marketing the job to attract the right kind of talent.

Below, Career Builder highlights the three biggest “no-no’s” that even the biggest and brightest companies commit when placing their help wanted ads and – more importantly – schools you in how you can avoid them moving forward.

Market Great Talent: If you want to attract the brightest individuals, you need to market your existing talent. The smartest potential candidates – the ones that you really want responding to your ads – will feel more attracted to a company that has an existing pool of employees who are just as bright, so be sure to play up your company’s achievements and the individual talents of team leaders.

Ditch the “Economy” Frame of Mind: For the last five years the economy has been a major topic of conversation, which has led employers to believe that they have an “upper hand” when it comes to hiring. This position of power is sometimes reflected in the tone of a hiring ad, with some employers coming off as only wanting to capitalize on any hint of desperation among job seekers. To hire the right kind of talent, Career Builder recommends that when crafting a job listing, the hiring manager keep in mind that the economy is turning around and that finding the right people for the vacancy is just as important as ever.

Different Strokes for Different Folks: It seems almost intuitive that if you are looking to fill a position, you should seek out a candidate who possessed the same skills and backgrounds as the person who last succeeded in the role. However, Career Builder notes that it’s important to identify that the same or better outcomes can be achieved from people who are equally skilled but who do things a bit differently. As such, they recommend that you don’t get too specific on responsibilities and qualifications and instead keep an open mind and allow for a little creativity in how the new candidate can approach the job.

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