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In the News: Workers’ sleep quality impacts workplace performance, survey finds

A new survey suggests that 48% of the US workforce are distracted by fatigue at work, with sleepiness coming up as the biggest barrier to peak performance. The survey also reveals that lack of sleep is more distracting during working hours than social media and personal communications, which have long been associated with productivity declines.

According to the survey, which was commissioned by energy drink makers Red Bull and employer review site Glassdoor, fatigue in the workplace can show itself in various ways. Specifically, 66% of respondents reported that they’ve made mistakes at work because they were tired, while others said that they’ve missed a meeting (21%) or a deadline (16%) due to lack of shut-eye.

The survey reveals that women are more likely to be sidetracked from their work due to tiredness than their male counterparts, at 52% vs. 44%. However, more men than women report blowing off work responsibilities on account of their lack of sleep. Specifically, 26% of men admit that being tired has made them overlook meetings and 20% said that it caused them to miss a deadline, versus 13% and 10% of women, respectively.

When it comes to surviving the work day, 93% of respondents said they have taken action to boost their energy at work, with caffeine coming out as the top pick-me-up of choice among employees. In fact, 48% of those surveyed indicated that they can’t live without caffeine at work, which is more than the number of respondents who indicated that they couldn’t function without a paper and pen or their smartphone!

“It’s clear that fatigue at work can impact productivity and efficiency, and this is something both employees and employers need to be aware of and address among their specific workforce,” remarked Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor community expert, adding that “this is a wake-up call for employers to review and assess how to keep their employees engaged throughout the day and make appropriate changes.”

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