Is the Unemployment Rate Making it Difficult to Find Employees?

Politicians love to extol the virtues of low unemployment rates – largely because it means that folks are pouring money back into the economy and thus contributing to a healthier national financial outlook – but is low unemployment a negative for human resource professionals?

Well, if you ask any HR pro looking to fill a position, they’ll tell you that it’s not so healthy for them! You see, when fewer folks are actively searching for jobs, it means the recruiting pipeline dries up and it becomes increasingly difficult to fill job positions. And because there aren’t that many eyes looking out for jobs, your old strategies for getting folks in the door – and on the payroll – fall flat too.

Wishing for folks to lose their jobs or for (gasp!) another economic downturn would certainly be frowned upon by society, but there are steps you can take to ensure your candidate pipeline doesn’t dry up, and it all starts with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).  Indeed, a PEO can help you continue to be an ace recruiter.

Craft Me a Job
Much like any piece of writing, crafting a job description for an ad is an art in and of itself. In this day and age, folks are bombarded with ways to not only view help wanted ads, but also apply for them. This high degree of visibility – and accessibility – means that your job placement ads have to be able to grab the attention of the right folks, on the right platform at the right time. Sound impossible? There’s definitely an art and science to it and there is a way to fine-tune the process, ensuring your job postings are getting the right attention

Friends in High Places
If you’re hiring for a niche job where only a handful of folks are likely to possess the right skills, you’re going to need to make sure you target your ads effectively. Luckily for you, professionally outsourced human resources usually have ins with all the leading online job boards, as well as industry-specific publications, associations, and even specialized job boards. This means that your job postings are being seen by the people who are most likely to meet your needs – and be interested in making a job change – and you’ll filter out the folks who will clog up your recruiting inbox with unqualified applications.

Keep it Legal
Did you know that there are industry standards that you must comply with when posting a new job? Did you know that the federal government also has their nose in the issue and can slap you on the wrist – or in the bank account – for failure to comply? Indeed, beyond the “we’re an equal opportunity employer” line, there are a number of other standards that you must comply with when crafting a job description. If none of these are ringing a bell – and you’re frantically pulling ads left and right until you can figure out what these rules and regulations might mean, a PEO can help you understand it all.

Make it Attractive
While most folks won’t be putting the salary on the job description, it’s a topic that comes up early in the candidate courting process and can mean the difference between onboarding that star hire and watching him or her walk out the door. The stakes are so high that you need to be sure that the amount you’re willing to pay is in line with what you should be offering – or even worse, what your competitors are willing to pay – and is something that your company can afford, both now and in the long-term. When you engage with a PEO, they will help you develop a comprehensive compensation plan complete with salaries, wages, benefits, conditions for employee bonuses, raises, incentives and ranges for salary growth over time, all with an eye towards your company’s long-term growth and stability.

Screen Time
If you’re already stretched thin in your HR department, the thought of dedicating a chunk of time to sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates may feel daunting. Turns out, we can help there too. A PEO is set up to make the recruitment process manageable by offering pre-employment screening, resume reviews and even phone screens. We’ll only pass along the most qualified candidates – and even handle the declines for those that didn’t make the cut – so that you can focus on what matters most: hiring the best man (or woman!) for the job!

Train Up
We’ve spent a lot of time talking about external sources for your candidate pipeline, but is it possible that your future star employee is already in your company? According to a recent study published in the Wall Street Journal, internal hires cost less, perform better on the job, and are less likely to be fired from the job than those hired from external sources. This is due, in part, to the fact that employers typically grossly underestimate the amount of time it takes new hires to ramp up to the new job and begin performing at a high level. With this in mind, training your existing staff for more senior roles would be a good solution. Need help with said training? Again, let Abel be your guide! Whether it’s general professional development or industry-specific knowledge, we will be happy to get your employees up to speed – and climbing that corporate ladder!

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