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More Time To Build Your Business: Why Small Business Owners Love Abel HR

What if we told you we could take those annoying HR tasks off your plate? And what if we told you that we could do it faster, smarter and guarantee the work? Below, we outline some of the many reasons small business owners choose to work with Abel HR.

We’re a Small Business Too
Located in Cranbury, NJ, we are a small, family-owned business that does BIG work! Our team of seasoned industry-leading experts are able to offer everything a larger PEO service can offer, with none of the things that will bug you about working for one of the “big guys.” No phone trees, no run around to get you to speak with the people that you need, and no getting lost in the shuffle – once you’re in, we’ll treat you like family too!

We’ve Got Lots of Experience
We’ve helped companies with just a handful of employees to those with several hundred and more. Our human resource professionals have experience in just about every area of business. We’ll never try to fit you into a box and offer a standard package services that are given to your type or tier of business. We listen to what you need and want for your business. Then, we offer our advice and potential solutions, while working with you to build a custom HR solution that meets and exceeds your needs.

We Bring Purchasing Power to Benefit Negotiation
If you’ve gone through the benefits selection process, you know that as a small business owner, you can only afford a certain caliber of benefits – and typically you’ll pay through the nose for them! We pool our collective resources to create buying power that can not only negotiate the best prices, but can actually dictate what we’re willing to pay for said services. We pass those benefits along to you so that you get a comprehensive benefits package that you are proud to offer to your employees at a price that would have been difficult to achieve on your own.

We Make It Easy to Stay in Compliance
Human nature dictates that we always try to do things in the most efficient way possible. In business, efficiency is crucial to success, but you have to be savvy and know where to find efficiencies without cutting corners. At Abel HR, we make it simple – we take the bulk of your HR needs off your table, streamline and automate the process. We build a system that allows you to check in whenever you need to make sure things are running as they should or if you want to be hands off, it’s no problem. Rest assured we will be in touch regularly to confirm that things are complete and you remain in compliance with all federal, state, industry and other requirements.

We Offer Big Perks
In addition to the traditional payroll and HR amenities, Abel offers some very valuable services that many others in the industry simply can’t. For example, we have a dedicated safety manager who develops comprehensive safety programs to help you create the safest work environment. We also completely handle the workers’ comp claims process should anything go awry. Similarly, we have a team of in-house experts that are well versed in employee regulations and can use that knowledge to craft a comprehensive employee handbook that not only reflects the values of your company but also ensures that you are legally protected from any and all employee management issues that might arise. Abel HR also offers an employee assistance program to all employees as an essential lifeline when employees are in crisis inside or outside the office. Other offerings such as pet insurance and theme park ticket discounts are very attractive to employees as extra perks.

We Are Proactive
While you might only hear from other HR outsourcing companies when a problem crops up, we’ll be checking in regularly to keep you up to date on how the admin end of your business is running. We can also give you a heads up to changes at the state, local and industry level that may impact your business and offer solutions to ensure that you are never blindsided and are truly ahead of the curve. Further, if you find yourself in need of advice, we have compliance officers, a legal team and any number of experts available to help you get the answers you need.

When you work with us, we take care of all your human resource needs to give you the time and resources to concentrate on growing your business. Learn more about how a PEO like Abel HR can help your business keep up with its human resource responsibilities.

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