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New Study Highlights What Employees Want from their HR Department

A newly released survey of employees suggests that their number one request of their HR execs is increased communication. The study, aptly titled “What Every Employee Wants From Their HR Team” included the responses of more than 1200 employees, categorized by whether they were in-office, remote or in non-desk roles.

“Regardless of of their work environment—people are just people when it comes to communication. They all highly value communication from HR and would benefit from a new digital approach to employee communication,” remarked Steve L. Adams, CEO of employee engagement and communication company EmployeeChannel, which conducted the survey.

Specifically, the study found that only 16 percent of employees across all three segments reported that they felt “connected and engaged” with their HR team and company overall and half suggested that efforts put forth by HR made them feel more informed or engaged. Further, 75 percent indicated that HR communicates with them “never or rarely” or only “sometimes,” even though all employee segments’ top request was that they would like to hear from their HR reps more frequently.

All employee segments ranked “communicates frequently and effectively with employees” as one of the top two behaviors that creates a positive experience at work and looking ahead, these same employees ranked “open communication to all employees” as one of the top two initiatives they wished their employer would focus on more.

EmployeeChannel, most likely due to their interest in apps to boost employee engagement and communication, suggested that “older technologies, low-tech approaches, and their associated limitations may account for the perceived lack of communication from HR.” In the survey, e-mail and in-person meetings accounted for the majority of HR interactions for all segments, followed by phone calls.

What communication channels do you employ to get in touch with workers? Would you consider a mobile application (app) to improve interactions?

To download the full white paper report, click here.

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