Office snack ideas

Have you ever tried working on an empty stomach? It’s not a pleasant experience and your “hangry” self might not be the best person to work with. Hence, the ingenuity of office snacking. However, not all snacks are created equal. While some may energize you through the day, some munchies can make your blood sugar surge, increase the feeling of tiredness, and eventually take a toll on one’s health. Here are office snack ideas that can improve productivity, boost morale, and of course – satisfy the growling tummy.

Mixed nuts and dried fruit

Healthy office snack ideas are quite hard to come by. In most office drawers, you’re more likely to find candies, chocolate bars, and the like. 

However, office snack ideas don’t have to be unhealthy. Keeping a handy trail mix of nuts and other dried fruit can be useful if you are looking for a midday crunch. The clash of textures and flavors stimulates the appetite. These little things also pack the punch when it comes to health value, making it one of the best office snack ideas.

Nuts have a ton of good fat and protein, while dried fruits like blueberries, raisins, and raspberries have lots of antioxidants. Finally, both have a healthy amount of fiber, which can help stimulate digestion and get rid of bloated tummies.

Corporate snack subscriptions also include healthier options like mixed nuts and dried fruit.

Dark chocolate

Feeling sleepy and not getting any work done? While not a popular choice for people with a sweet tooth, dark chocolates are an effective way to wake you up. A bar of chocolate with 70 percent cocoa is a potent antioxidant, which protects against unstable molecules called free radicals that weaken cells.

A healthy amount of dark chocolate a day can inhibit stress, slow down the aging process, and improve diet. Just remember to keep your consumption at 1.5 to 3 ounces daily. It also activates the feel-good chemical serotonin and induces endorphins, making it a mood-booster after a long and stressful day.

Fizzy water

Thinking of taking a break from your caffeine addiction? Fizzy water is a playful way to wake up your tastebuds. Gone are the days where coffee machines are the prized possessions of small offices; having fizzy water on tap is the newest fad. Fizzy water is also an awesome alternative to sugar-loaded sodas that can cause a spike in your blood sugar. If you find this drink to be too plain, just chuck in a slice or two of fresh citrus for a more tasty and refreshing drink. This leads us to–   

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit may be a pricey pick for the office. After all, they tend to spoil more easily than dried nuts and packaged food. However, having a community fruit basket in the pantry can never be a bad idea. 

When mixed with water, zesty lemons and limes can be used to stock up on vitamin C.  Meanwhile, a handy banana to-go can be a quick source of potassium, fibers, and antioxidants. This is handy for the one coworker who always seems to be having gut problems.

Weekly Friday meals 

Here’s an alternative to office snacks: plan end-of-the-week meals with your team.

Having a potluck at the office or having a designated restaurant to go to after a stressful week can boost team morale. It also builds rapport and gives a chance for the team to network with each other.  

Providing healthy food for office workers who may be burnt out from work makes them feel appreciated. In the long run, this can be a wise investment as it boosts amenities for workers. Just like a small act of kindness, a little snack bar at the office goes a long way.