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Survey Reveals Employees Unsure of HR’s Role

There is a pretty big divide when it comes to what employees think their human resources department is responsible for and what the department actually does, according to new survey.

While employees understand some core HR functions such as handling employee disputes and managing benefits and payroll, the survey points out a disconnect with other responsibilities.

  • Training employees (29% of employees said it was the role of HR; 61% of HR professionals actually do)
  • Recruiting new employee talent (54% of employees; 67% HR professionals actually do)
  • Tracking sick days/personal days (45% of employees; 58% HR professionals actually do)
  • Approving vacation time (33% of employees; 44% HR professionals actually do)

The study also helped to identify a number of areas where employees felt that HR could be more proactive or otherwise improve their performance, including:

The majority of employees ranked their HR department’s overall performance as average. Few employees ranked their HR below average, and employees of large companies were most likely to rank HR’s performance as above average.

Human resources outsourcing solutions offered by Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) like Abel HR, allow companies to cost-effectively manage human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation so employees receive exceptional HR support and the burden of administration is lifted to allow business owners to focus on growing their business.

Employee benefit management services provided by Abel HR transforms the burden of administration into a tool that allows business owners to efficiently align mission with resources. Abel HR’s support services allow entrepreneurs to focus on their business, as human resource professionals spend more time recruiting, hiring and managing talent.

Abel HR’s services for small businesses include certified payroll processing and payroll benefit solutions, employee benefits and risk management, which encompasses workers compensation insurance programs, Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) and compliance with safety regulations.

Is your HR department struggling to meet any of these needs, or do you simply want to take some of the pressure off your over-stretched HR professionals? Take a look at how Abel HR can offer HR solutions to help your business.

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