Workplace Hazards and Safety Impact Bottom Line

When it comes to safety, sometimes it just feels like “just one more thing to worry about and do,” and thus gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, where it languishes until someone falls off that ladder/tips over a filing cabinet/takes a nasty fall and you enter into crisis mode.

Disabling workplace injuries and illnesses cost US businesses more than $58 billion annually, according to Liberty Mutual’s 2018 Workplace Safety Index. Overexertion is listed at the top hazard followed by falls.

It doesn’t have to be that way when you outsource some of these human resource responsibilities to an outside vendor such as Abel HR, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Our in-house safety manager manages the safety process from start to finish using his years of expertise and certifications to create a workplace environment that is safe, compliant and comfortable.

On-Site Inspections
You aren’t going to know what dangers lie in your workplace if you aren’t willing to do an assessment. Sure, you can probably identify the super obvious ones, but we have certified experts on staff that can come to your office and perform on-site safety and ill-conduct inspections to include not only documenting any issues but also helping to propose fixes that will quickly get you back into code.

What’s the perk? In doing a pro-active inspection – and really getting on top of those fixes – you can head off a potential workplace injury and subsequent fines, and may even be eligible for a reduction in your worker’s comp premiums!

Job Hazard Analysis
At Abel, we have clients in all kinds of industries, so we know that no two workplaces are alike. With that in mind, we always recommend to our clients that they consider performing a job hazard analysis. Unlike an onsite inspection, which looks at the broader physical environment, this looks at the specific issues that may directly pose a danger to your employees. We’ll do our assessment, compile a list, and even propose some fixes to address the issues before they become big problems. Think your office is up to snuff? We can also pay a visit to discuss occupational health, ergonomics and industrial hygiene to help promote the health of your already safe staff.

What’s the perk? As with the above, it’s all about heading off those little safety issues before they become major problems or cost concerns.

Accident Investigation
Sometimes, despite even your best efforts, accidents will still happen, and when they do, we will have your back. As soon as you can after an incident, call us and you’ll be connected to one of our in-office safety experts who will take down a detailed account of what happened and who was involved. We’ll follow up over the coming days with additional interviews and on-site visits until we have all the information needed to file the appropriate reports in accordance with all federal, state and industry laws. The best part? We do all of this without having to wait on insurance companies, who frequently bog down to the process and can leave you hanging for days.

What’s the perk? You’ll have someone to talk to straight away and answers as soon as possible. Plus, we’ll work tirelessly for you to make sure that we’ve really nailed down what the problem was, who is liable and ensure all the details are taken care of, especially if worker’s comp is involved.

Workers Compensation
We can even handle the process when it all goes terribly wrong. When there has been an accident on site involving one of your employees, it’s inevitably going to wind up in the arms of the worker’s comp folks, but that doesn’t mean you have to manage this process alone. We’ll work on the front end to make sure that your jobs are coded correctly, make sure you have a workers’ comp insurance program that is up to snuff, and guide you through the often challenging aspect of filing an actual claim.

What’s the perk? Not only is it nice to have someone to hold your hand, but by working with a PEO like Abel, we use our combined pool of clients to give you access to a worker’s compensation plan that is more comprehensive and more affordable than any plan you would have been able to procure on your own in the open market.  Another perk? We’ll even collect the premiums, so it’s one less thing off your plate!

OSHA Compliance
Each year, you’re required to demonstrate (and of course document) that your company is operating within the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. We’ll help you review the standards, show you what (if anything) you need to change to meet said standards, and help you assemble the appropriate documentation to prove your compliance.

What’s the perk? Once again, sometimes it’s just nice to have someone in your corner to bounce ideas off and trouble shoot solutions, and this is where we at Abel really shine. Not only can we provide support, but our staff are certified OSHA experts and can provide the type of guidance that you can’t just find with a Google search.

As part of maintaining a safe work environment, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to spend some time addressing the biggest danger in your workplace: your employees themselves. Indeed, providing regular teaching opportunities to workers on how to stay safe on the job is as important as fixing that precarious filing cabinet. The types of training that your specific company will require will likely be specific to your industry, but here at Abel, we have experts who are happy to tailor training materials to meet your needs – and can even come on-site to present them!

What’s the perk? If you’re already in a time crunch, delegating a time-consuming project – such as developing and leading a safety training module – can allow you to focus on what’s important, without compromising the well being of your workforce (either from a physical standpoint, or a financial one should someone make a big workers comp claim!)

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