How to Beat Your Competitors

Growing your business doesn’t only entail continuously improving your products and services. To position yourself well in the market, you also have to beat your competitors. By succeeding at this game, your business will enjoy a bigger slice of market shares. This means boosting your sales and overall brand reputation.

Here are five strategies to overcome competition in the market and gear your brand for optimum growth.

1. Know Their Moves

Before wondering how to beat your competitors in business, you must first look at what they’re doing right. What makes them popular among their clients? Are they implementing something that makes their offer much more inviting?

To know other players’ moves, you may want to check out their online presence, such as their website or socials. As most brands announce promos or offers through these channels, checking out these avenues will give you a good picture of what they’re up to.

2. Listen to Customers

One of the most crucial parts of how to beat the competition in sales is to listen to your customers. What are their pain points? By taking customers’ feedback and adjusting your operations to fit their needs, you’ll already be on your way to beat your competitors.

3. Make a Better Offer

One way to beat your competitors is to make a better offer than the one they have. What are the aspects of the business that you can improve so that you’ll be one step ahead of other players?

Bear in mind, though, that it might not be ideal to try to beat the competitor’s pricing offer. If you try to beat their pricing tier and they try to beat you back every time, it will only be a race to the bottom. Instead of lowering your price, try to focus on other factors that you can improve for the clients.

4. Make Your Brand Unique

Another part of how to outperform competitors is differentiating your brand from theirs. Never try to copy other players’ identities. Instead, try to search within and introspect about your own purpose, strengths, and weaknesses. And when you’re true to yourself, clients will feel that your brand is unique and genuine.

5. Aim for a Personal Connection with Clients

Last but not least on our list of strategies on how to beat your competitors is probably the most crucial – aiming for a personal connection with clients. Imagine yourself having to choose between two lemonade stands. One is run by someone you know and the other by a stranger. Their products are exactly the same. Which stall will you choose?

You’ll probably head towards the stall manned by the person you know. Aside from familiarity, you’re most likely to trust that person because they’re not a stranger to you. That said, being someone your client knows should be a priority.

Try to personalize your communication with your clients and never make them feel like they’re only but a number on your client list. By doing so, you’ll strengthen your reputation as a brand and up the chances of that client being a repeat customer.