ACA Coordination and Compliance

Abel is positioned to assist with navigating the Affordable Care Act. One of the most complex complaints challenges businesses currently face.

Abel handles challenges for you.

More than five years after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, small businesses continue to feel the impact of the legislation. You are required to perform complex calculations to determine the size of your business for ACA compliance. Depending upon your assumptions, you could find yourself exposed.

Because of all the changes, smaller companies may look to Abel HR a professional employer organizations (PEOs) as one way to both keep health care costs under control and alleviate the confusion and time demands of adhering to the ACA regulations. Besides arranging for health coverage and handling ACA requirements, Abel can manage other benefits, payroll and HR functions.

A PEO is in a unique position to help with numerous compliance tasks, including:
  • Compilation of the data necessary to determine exposure to potential penalties.
  • Reporting of the value of health benefits on Forms W-2.
  • Development and distribution of required employee notices.
  • Guidance in understanding contribution strategies.
  • Communication of other information to assist you in making decisions about health-care coverage at your company