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Recruiting in a Competitive Setting

The competition is cut-throat and it seems everyone’s vying for the one person with that true star quality. Sound like an episode of The Voice? Well, step aside Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson, because these days there is no competition hotter than when your HR folks are looking to fill some job openings!  A report from the […]

What is Emotional Intelligence

An emotionally intelligent person has an excellent grasp of their emotions. You’ve probably encountered one with high emotional intelligence. It can even be you. But first, let’s define this specific type of intelligence:  What Is It? Emotional intelligence is often explained as the ability to “recognize, interpret and process emotions,” whether in yourself or others. […]

What is Workforce Optimization

Have you ever heard of workforce optimization? If you’re wondering what’s that and how it will benefit your work environment, then this article is written for you. Let’s break down workforce optimization into the following:  What Is It? Workforce optimization is an effective business strategy that integrates contact center considerations and technologies to improve customer […]

Managing Open Enrollment with a Hybrid Workforce

An uptick in Covid-19, fueled in part by an outbreak of the Delta variant, has caused many companies to hit pause on their plans to bring employees back into the office. Others, meanwhile, have settled into a world where workers are in the office a few days a week, for a few meetings at a […]

Mental Health Having the Greatest Impact on Work

In a recent survey, 91 percent of HR executives suggested that this past year was the hardest in their professional career, with a whopping 87 percent reporting that mental health is the most pressing “impact of the past year on the workforce.” At this point, it seems obvious what is driving this “mental health tsunami.” The […]

Useless Leadership Skills

A good leader should possess a lot of qualifying skills to be worthy of the title. Want to be a leader? It’s time to develop more skills if you’re going to get the role. Amongst all the most essential leadership skills, it’s overwhelming not knowing what to prioritize. To help you, here’s where you DON’T start: […]

How To Effectively Onboard Your Pandemic Hires

During the early days of the pandemic, companies were primarily focused on simply surviving. For many, this required adapting their business model, even potentially shifting the whole focus and trajectory of their business to suit this new world that we’re all currently trying to navigate. To address these changes, many companies found themselves expanding their […]

Should Your Company Offer Fertility Benefits in 2021?

In a recent survey, 88 percent of respondents indicated that they would leave their current company and join another if that competing firm offered fertility or “family forming” benefits. Similarly, 77 percent of respondents indicated that they would stay at their job if this type of benefit was offered, making it a compelling benefit offering […]

5 Things Leaders Do Differently

Great leaders always have a specific way of doing things. But, have you ever observed a leader you respect the most and wonder how they manage to do everything so efficiently? That’s always the question when it comes to seeing capable people do things almost effortlessly when viewed from afar. We can argue that it […]

Employees Are Quitting Before They Return To The Office

For months, business owners have been researching and refining the planned return of their workers to the office. However, multiple reports suggest that many workers, faced with having to ditch the sweatpants in favor of their business casual duds, are opting not to return to the office at all. Some are finding new jobs, while […]