Questions to Ask in Your Next Employee Survey

Conducting an employee survey is vital to direct the company on the right path. However, one must be careful to act on the feedback or results if applicable. Otherwise, it can destroy your employee’s morale and render the survey useless. And this is the last thing you want if you’re running a business. 

As you know, dampened morale has a negative impact on productivity and engagement. That said, asking the right questions on your survey will give you significant results to improve the workplace. So let’s get started and try these 40 questions to ask on your next employee survey:

1. Are you satisfied with your job? Why or why not?

2. How do you feel about working at the office today?

3. Is there something you want to talk about that the management never talks about?

4. Would you recommend this company to people you know?

5. What’s the most difficult task or challenge you experienced working for the company?

6. What experience will make you quit the company?

7. What motivates you?

8. How do you find leadership in this organization?

9. Does your current designation align with your career goals?

10. Are your colleagues committed to reaching their goals? Why or why not?

11. Do you feel the company culture is practiced daily?

12. What do you think about the company’s culture, mission, vision, and values?

13. Do you see yourself working in the same company for the next few years? Why or why not?

14. How do you feel when you come to work every day?

15. Do you think you’re getting enough support from your first-line supervisors or the management in general?

16. Is there something about the management that you want to change?

17. What do you think about the current work process?

18. If you had to tweak the work process to make it better, what change would that be?

19. Are you satisfied with the current pay and benefits? Why or why not?

20. Do you have sufficient tools, materials, and equipment to perform your job efficiently?

21. What are the rumors you heard about the company or employees recently?

22. What do you think we should start doing as a team?

23. Have you experienced doing great work without getting commendations for it?

24. Is the reward system enough to motivate you to do better? Why or why not?

25. Is the management clear about the goals and objectives?

26. If not, what should they do to make the goals and objectives clear?

27. Are your opinions heard in the company?

28. Were the expectations set clearly from the beginning?

29. Do you feel the company also considers inclusion and diversity? 

30. If not, what should the company do to consider both factors?

31. Does your team support you in any way? How?

32. Do you get along with your colleagues?

33. Do you think the workspace is conducive to your productivity?

34. Are you proud of working at the company?

35. How much do you think you should be compensated for the work that you do?

36. Do you understand the new changes the company implements?

37. Do you think the goals are focused on reaching the company’s long-term vision and mission?

38. Does your job give you more time for your personal life? Why or why not?

39. How can you balance both personal and professional aspects of your life?

40. What are the stressors, challenges, or issues in the office that you have to deal with recently?